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Pipes electric

Welded tubes for general purposes, water and gas, shaped tubes are designed for use in engineering, utilities, construction and other industries.

For oil and gas pipes are intended for the construction naftegazoprovodov transporting both conventional serovodorodosoderzhaschie and corrosive environment, including in the Far North.

Seamless pipes

Intended for the manufacture of machine parts and assemblies to the automotive, drilling, oilfield, mining, crane and other sub-sectors of mechanical engineering

Pipes are manufactured by cold and warm rolling mills HPT, and HPTR by drawing on drawing mills (mandrel and bezopravochnogo drawing).

Drill pipe

Drill pipe used for drilling and lifting the rock cutting tool rotation transmission, creating an axial load on the tool, supplying washing liquid or compressed air to the face.

Drill pipes are interconnected by means of tool joints with special lock thread. Pipe ends thicken, to increase their strength, outer, inner or combination planting.

Casing pipes

Casing pipes are used for fixing the oil and gas wells in the process of construction and ekspluatatsii.Soedinyayutsya interconnected by a coupling or clutchless (integral) threaded connections.

Threaded casing joints provide: - Flotation columns borehole complex profile, including intervals of intense curvature; - Sufficient strength for all types of loads and the necessary connections for leaks pipe string;

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Euro-Asian Pipe Company

- supply pipes and metal-carbon and stainless steels construction companies and oil and gas sector.

Our advantages:

- Permanent storage availability;
- Deferral of payment for regular customers up to 60 days;
- Discounts on the volume of products supplied;
- Individual approach to each client.

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allows to calculate the tonnage depending on the starting pipe sizes

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Ltd. "Euro-Asian Pipe Company" was founded in 2003, main business is a comprehensive service enterprises Construction and Oil & Gas sector in the supply of tubular products and metal-carbon and stainless steels, the markets of Russia and CIS countries. Russian partners are the following plants: PATH, CHEP, SinTZ, STZ, VPP, Uraltrubprom. Our company has always supported the presence of storage for easy execution of the main production program and the planned construction of our customers.
We offer our customers a variety of options for cooperation. It can be both single purchase any parties metal and comprehensive service enterprises. Strong partnerships with manufacturers of the products we offer, allow to take into account all the wishes of the customer, from the collection of raw data to the delivery of products to the customer's warehouse in accordance with the production program of purchases. The company conducts market research appropriate to reduce costs in the management of the customer's procurement activities. Each client is provided by individual approach. Flexible discount system is constructed in such a way that the buyer has received the maximum benefit from working with our company. Permanent customers can pay with deferred payment.